“I had no idea that I would find a community that has been the place that has created a space for me to come with all the parts of myself.”


Fire, Stone, Cloud: God in Metaphor, with Rabbi Toba Spitzer

Wed, Dec 3, 2014, 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Wednesday evenings: Oct 29; Nov 5, 12, & 19; Dec 3

This class is part of a continuing exploration of different ways that we can conceptualize and experience the sacred.  Do traditional God concepts turn you off? Confuse you?  Make you want to learn more?  Grounded in new thinking about how fundamental metaphor is to human thought, the class will explore ancient metaphors for the Divine in order to “reconstruct” them for our lives today.  Whether you took Rabbi Toba’s first “God in Metaphor” class or are new to the topic, all are welcome!  No particular belief or lack thereof required. More » about Fire, Stone, Cloud: God in Metaphor, with Rabbi Toba Spitzer

"TED" talk sponsored by MOCA: Uncovering and Preserving Hidden Jewish Treasures across the Middle East

Thu, Dec 11, 2014, 7:30pm

Congregant Fran Malino, Sophia Moses Professor of Jewish Studies and History at Wellesley College and Chair of Digital Heritage Mapping, offers a unique virtual tour of rare Jewish heritage sites in the Middle East. Using Google Earth and cutting-edge multimedia technology, Dr. Malino will take participants on a virtual visit to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Syria, and other locations in the region to explore sites central to Jewish history and heritage. These include the legendary tombs of biblical prophets, historic synagogues and schools, and decaying cemeteries. More » about "TED" talk sponsored by MOCA: Uncovering and Preserving Hidden Jewish Treasures across the Middle East

All-Ages Erev Shabbat Service / Potluck

Fri, Dec 12, 2014, 6:00pm

6 pm - Candle lighting and dinner;
6:45 pm - Service

Once a month, we gather for a potluck vegetarian dinner followed by a musical, all-ages erev Shabbat service. Join us for this fun, musical erev Shabbat experience appropriate for adults and kids of all ages (especially kids in pre-school through 4th grade).

Please bring a vegetarian/dairy main dish to share - enough for 15 people. More » about All-Ages Erev Shabbat Service / Potluck

Who We Are

Dorshei Tzedek is a dynamic and growing Reconstructionist congregation in West Newton, Massachusetts. We are dedicated to Jewish learning and to ethical Jewish living in the modern world. Our Reconstructionist educational program is committed to making Judaism relevant and meaningful for children as well as adults.

Our Rabbi, Toba Spitzer, has been named one of the “Top 50 Rabbis in America.”  You can read and listen to her talks here.

Our community includes people from a wide variety of Jewish backgrounds, as well as interfaith families and people with little or no previous Jewish learning or experience. We embrace one another’s unique points of view. Our membership includes families, couples, and singles of all ages, Jews by birth and Jews by choice (or still choosing). We value and include everyone regardless of age, marital status, income level, or sexual orientation. More » about Who We Are

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The Torah of Repair and Reconciliation

November 2014

A d’var Torah for Parashat Chayei Sarah by Rabbi Toba Spitzer

On its surface, Chayei Sarah is one of the tamer portions in all of the Torah. It is the only parasha in Genesis in which there is a complete absence of conflict and destruction. Yet there is an extremely rich subtext here, one that can be read in relation to the dramatic and disturbing events of last week’s parasha. Vayera features the conflict between Abraham’s wives, Sarah and Hagar, and the decision to banish both Hagar and her son Ishmael into the wilderness. After having one wife and son taken from him, Abraham then comes close to killing his beloved Isaac. Vayera is testimony to jealousy, bitterness, and conflict, and in it we find the mythic beginnings of the enmity between the children of Israel and the children of Ishmael, the Jewish and the Arab peoples. More » about The Torah of Repair and Reconciliation