Chesed (Caring Community)

The Chesed (Loving-Kindness) Committee is responsible for providing support to members in the event of a birth or adoption, illness, death, or other significant life change. We can prepare and deliver meals, grocery shop,  provide transportation to or from a medical appointment/treatment, and and visit someone who is ill. 

If you have a chesed need, please contact the Chesed Coordinators, Susan Nitkin and Jenny Sartori at chesed [at]

This is an excellent article by Linda Matchan about receiving help, which for many of us is very difficult. 

Lotsa Helping Hands

To coordinate the community’s chesed needs, we are using the Lotsa Helping Hands website at

We ask that all Dorshei Tzedek members create a login to Lotsa Helping Hands by clicking on this link. Please fill out the right-hand side of the form where it says ‘Interested in becoming a member of this community?’. Click on ‘Continue’ and then ‘Send Email’ on the next page. Once a chesed coordinator approves your request, you will receive an email with instructions for signing in. Thank you for taking the time to be involved with chesed.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact chesed [at]


Dorshei Tzedek has produced a brochure (available here) about Jewish mourning practices and resources at CDT and in the local community.


Avelut is CDT’s member-led group dedicated to supporting avelim (mourners). Any adult CDT member who is dealing with a personal loss (family, friend, partner, other) or observing the Yahrzeit of a loved one is welcome. A CDT member does not need to be in the official mourning period to attend.  The Avelut group is a time to talk about the impact of loss, the journey of bereavement, and the legacies of loved ones we carry with us. For more information, please contact avelut [at]