Greater Boston Interfaith Organization


Since 2003, Dorshei Tzedek has been a member of the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO). GBIO is a broad-based coalition of area churches, synagogues, mosques, unions and community development corporations that have built a loving and action-oriented community on the basis of shared values and a strong commitment to economic justice. GBIO is one of the only organizations in the area that brings people together across racial, ethnic and religious lines in relationships of equality to work together toward a common vision of justice.

Dorshei Tzedek’s institutional commitment to GBIO includes a significant annual financial commitment (1% of our annual operating budget) and an agreement to send significant membership representation to GBIO actions at which key elected officials and leaders of important financial institutions are asked to listen to our leadership and make concrete and specific commitments to our agenda.

Dozens of members of Dorshei Tzedek have taken part in one or more GBIO activities. Most recently, in fall 2009, members participated in a GBIO-sponsored Newton Mayoral Candidate Accountability night, and a GBIO Senatorial Candidate Forum. GBIO is currently participating in a national anti-usury campaign aimed at capping interest rates on credit cards and personal loans at 10%, and is also working on issues of affordable health care, access to higher education and job training. Dorshei Tzedek members will continue to be involved in GBIO’s action agenda in 2012 and beyond.