CDT Board

Board and Off Board Positions 5778/2017-2018

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets regularly to oversee the work of the volunteer committees and the daily activities of the congregation, consistent with Board policies.

  • President: Lissy Medvedow (president [at]
  • Immediate Past President: Jen Kaplan
  • VP Education: Bill Shorr
  • VP Finance: Cliff Cohen (finance [at]
  • VP Leadership: Ellen Hemley
  • VP Membership: Jamie Tessler (outreach [at]
  • Secretary: Rob Greenly (secretary [at]
  • Rabbi Toba Spitzer (rabbi [at]

Board At Large

The Board is made up of the Executive Committee and these At-Large members. The Board retains overall fiduciary responsibility for the congregation and sets CDT’s policies and strategies.

  • Nancy Gertz
  • Emily Mathis
  • Jordan Namerow
  • Ruth Paris
  • Bob Warren
  • Bill Weinreb
  • Stephen Zisk

Off Board Chairs

The volunteer committees are headed by these off-board chairs. Feel free to contact them if you would like to help out. Often there are specific, time-limited tasks you can help with.

  • Chesed: Elaine Landes (chesed [at]
  • Nediv Lev: John Carroll (nedivlev [at]
  • Newsletter: John Holohan (dtnews [at]
  • Rabbinic Liaison: Cindy Shulak Rome (liaison [at]
  • Ritual: Marion Ross and Laurie Goldman (ritual [at]
  • Children’s Education: Andy Stefano
  • Membership and Welcoming: Meryl Epstein and Benita Danzing
  • Space Liaison: Ezra Hausman (space [at]
  • Tikkun Olam: Abby Cohen (tikkunolam [at]
  • Website: Dan Halbert (dtweb [at]

Past Presidents

  • Nancy Gertz
  • Paul Hattis
  • Alison Hausman
  • Judy and Chayim Herzig-Marx
  • Jen Kaplan
  • Peter Katz
  • Linette Liebling
  • Elaine Pollack
  • Cheryl Sacks
  • Cindy Shulak-Rome
  • Marc Steinberg
  • Debbie Waber