CDT Teens Support Refugees

What is this project?

Teens from Dorshei Tzedek are teaming up with a local synagogue* to help raise money to settle two Syrian refugee families in the Boston area. This project was begun in the fall, before the Trump administration issued the travel ban.  One of the families has arrived, and we don’t know yet if or when the second family will arrive. Our Goal is to raise $1,500 towards the total of $100,000- the estimated cost of resettlement for two families. If the second family does not arrive, we will donate the other half of the funds to Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, another organization we volunteered with in the fall.

Why do we care? Why should someone give?

We started the project thinking about how the families will be new to the United States, so they might not feel comfortable asking for help because they don’t know many people. It is important for us to reach out. The families will be navigating new schools, work situations, even maybe a new language. The new presidential administration’s anti-immigrant stances added an extra level of challenge. Now we are learning more about the issues, and how much more important it is to show refugees that they are welcome in our communities.

How can you support this?

Donations are very helpful as they will go straight to helping resettle these families in Boston. If the second family doesn’t come, the funds will go directly to MIRA Coalition, which is already working to support refugees and immigrants in the Boston area. 

Online: You can make a donation online - PLEASE SPECIFY “Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund- Syrian Refugees”.

Alternatively, you can mail a check made out to Dorshei Tzedek Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund- Syrian refugee support. Please send a check to Congregation Dorshei Tzedek, 60 Highland St. Newton MA 02465.

Another way to help is to share this effort with friends and family.

Questions? Contact Rabbi Shahar- dcl [at]

Thank you for your support!!

*The synagogue spearheading this project decided to remain anonymous online and on social media, but we are happy to share who they are privately. Please be in touch with a teen involved or Rabbi Shahar.