Criminal Justice Task Force

CDT’s Criminal Justice Task Force participates in a statewide Campaign for Criminal and Economic Justice focusing on replacing the carceral state with programs that treat people as human beings no matter their transgressions. We also work to change unfair and ineffective laws, such as mandatory minimums for drug offenses.


The bill to eliminate RMV Collateral Sanctions was signed into law by the Governor on March 30, 2016!

CDT Testimony at the October 14 Statehouse Hearing on Solitary ConfinementRabbi Toba and Bonnie Teneriello gave testimony at the Oct 14, 2015, Judiciary Committee hearing on Solitary Confinement. Here are links to their remarks.

GBIO Criminal Justice Legislative Lobbying Campaign

Over 500 calls to legislators were made during the GBIO Legislative Lobbying month (Oct 20 - Nov 20), far exceeding our goal. Dorshei Tzedek members contributed 23 calls to that total.




     In solidarity,

      The CDT Criminal Justice Task Force