MOCA you ask?  What is MOCA you wonder?  MOCA is the official name of our new initiative to engage our older members with each other and the congregation through a variety of programming, participation, and sharing.  MOCA also refers to our older demographic itself.  Okay, but what does the acronym MOCA stand for?  It stands for Members of a Certain Age.  We love the name because it’s a bit mysterious and whimsical.  It is also inclusive of anyone who wants to be included, whatever their age.  Our members are enthusiastic and hope to bring a new energy to the congregation and new ways to fulfill our lives in a Jewish context.  MOCA events are publicized on CDT-ANNOUNCE and in the newsletter. In addition, to provide an easy way for MOCAs to communicate with each other, whether it be to share a Shabbat dinner or to attend a local cultural event, MOCA has its own email list.