Nediv Lev

Nediv Lev is considered a part of the Dorshei Tzedek dues structure. Every year Dorshei Tzedek has a “Nediv Lev” campaign to help support the congregation.

When the ancient Israelites came together to build the first synagogue - the mishkan (Tabernacle) in the desert-they were asked to bring offerings of nediv lev - literally, a “willing heart/mind.” The Torah emphasizes that the mishkan was built through the generous outpouring of the Israelites’ hearts and hands (Exodus 35:20-29). As a community, we wish to foster a culture of nediv lev in which giving is a joyful responsibility. 

For each of us, the existence and success of CDT has a personal meaning.  The Nediv Lev campaign is an expression of the values adopted by our community through our Torah of Money study that created our three-part revenue-raising program:

  • a “half shekel” per capita assessment of each member;
  • a sliding scale portion based on each household’s ability to pay
  • a Nediv Lev donation made “from the heart” as the ancient Israelites each contributed to the building of the Mishkan in the Sinai after leaving Egypt. 

Nediv Lev is optional, but it is essential to our congregation’s financial health.

Contact our Nediv Lev chair at nedivlev [at]

Members: here is our Nediv Lev online pledge form.