Shabbat HaChodesh: Reconstructing Passover

Shabbat shalom, it is an honor, a privilege and a pleasure for me to be here; a wonderful occasion to celebrate. This is Shabbat Hachodesh and our extra torah reading is from Exodus, the initial commandment and description for observing Passover. The rabbi’s inserted this reading to remind us to prepare for the holiday. Today I am suggesting some additional preparations.

Passover is the quintessential spring holiday it is about the birth and renewal, of our people, of the earth and of freedom from oppressive power.

God and Liberation: A Reconstructionist Approach

Rabbi Toba Spitzer

The question: How do we understand God’s role in our master narrative of liberation, the Exodus story? In the traditional haggadah, there is no mention of Moses – the emphasis is on God’s miraculous redemptive power. In both the Reconstructionist and many other non-traditional haggadot, we have the opposite: Moses, Miriam, the midwives, and the Israelites are placed front and center as the agents of freedom. So what happens to God’s role?